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The Originals (now the Originals B) team was founded in 2006 (Season 29) as an expansion of the Masters A squad.

The new team started at the bottom of the VMSL Masters (over 35) divisions under the new name the Originals and did the League and Cup Double in their first season. For the next several seasons they won their division or were runners up but were denied promotion due to the then rules of the VMSL with respect to Club Affiliated Teams. In Season 30, the VMSL collapsed masters Div 2 and 3 into Div 2A and Div 2B and then reversed the decision in Season 31 with the Originals remaining in Div 2. In Season 31 the VMSL also abolished Club Affiliated Team (CAT) play between masters squads. ThisĀ  meant that the Originals were eligible for promotion for the first time.

In Season 32, the Originals won promotion to Masters Division 1. This represented a crossroads for many, especially the true club Originals looking at their 33rd season in a row upcoming.

A solution was found in a second splitting into two teams in four years. The bulk of the Originals formed a third squad team, the Originals B bound for a yet to be launched VMSL Over 45s division, but back in the bottom of the league for the meantime. Parts of the Originals, retirees from masters premier and new recruits formed the Originals A.

As of 2011-12 (Season 34) the Originals B (still employing six of the Original 21) are charter members of the new VMSL Over 40s division.

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