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The Mike Pettingale

The Mike Pettingale Memorial Soccer Scholarship

Mike Pettingale was one of Westside’s all time most avid supporters. He had a club wide fan mentality … and for two decades supported all of Westside and everything that the club brought to the lives of its members. He contributed to the atmosphere of the club, and particularly along the sidelines. Never happier than when he was at a match, he loved seeing his friends, the coaches & managers, the players and the other supporters and the referees. He loved to join in the banter and made many a friend at pitches all over. (Before the Internet, you needed to ask Mike if you wanted to know how all the other Westside teams were doing that day. 😉 We miss his smiling face on the sidelines. Mike passed away in 2006.



Here is the application form with guidelines (pdf).

MP-KG Scholarships Application Form

The deadline is May 1st each year.


Contact us at if you have any questions.



Past Winners:

2008: Michael Branion-Calles

2009: Shanay Sangha†

2010: Shawn Grozdanich

2011: Patrick Smyth

2012: Bryan Fong

2013: Dalton Anderson

2014: William Hoy

2015: Jason Peacock


†The Mike Pettingale Memorial Scholarship became a male only award in 2010



Saturday May 29, 2010

Westside Football Club Announces the 2010 Mike Pettingale Memorial Scholarship Winner

Shawn Grozdanich stood out for his camaraderie, community and character … his living of the values to which Westside Football Club aspires. He displayed a constant pattern of leadership in all his endeavours, on the field, at his school and in his community. When he heard of his selection, he signed up for the annual 7-a-side, his Westside debut, and got his name on the tourney winners plaque.


Monday January 18, 2010

Westside Football Club Makes the Mike Pettingale Memorial Scholarship a Male Award starting in 2010
Two Scholarships Now Offered

With the introduction in 2010 of the Kelli Glass Memorial Scholarship, Westside Football Club now disburses two scholarships per year, each in the amount of $500. As such, the Mike Pettingale Memorial Scholarship has be designated a male award while the Kelli Glass Memorial Scholarship has been designated a female award.

The 2009 Mike Pettingale winner, Shanay Sangha will thus be the only ever female winner of the Mike Pettingale Memorial Scholarship!


Saturday July 11, 2009

Westside Football Club Announces the 2009 Mike Pettingale Memorial Scholarship Winner

Shanay Sangha stood out for her camaraderie, community and character … her living of the values to which Westside Football Club aspires. She displayed a remarkable energy level and maturity in her studies and her community service through high school. Graduating from the Vancouver GU18 metro team, Shanay is touted to become a force in College footy as she joins the Kwantlen College womens soccer program. Given her metro, high school and tournament soccer success to date, this seems pretty likely.


Saturday June 6, 2008

Westside Football Club Announces the Inaugural Mike Pettingale Memorial Scholarship Winner

Michael Branion-Calles is fantastic inaugural winner. His impressive sports accomplishments include being called up on a youth permit to play in the VMSL premier and 1CAT divisions, playing with the Whitecaps Prospects and being named Athlete of the Year at his high school. Michael is an honour roll student with a strong record of community service.





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